Deleting a retweet is a simple process. Here we have a guide for you which is composed of easy and simple steps. And it will guide you as to how to delete a retweet.

No doubt retweeting is a great and one of the ideal ways when it comes to spreading any kind of important message. In retweeting, you share that message which is said and pen down by someone else.

If you have retweeted anything and you want to delete it later on, then the below-mentioned guide can help you out. Besides, you can get in touch with us if you want to Free Twitter Followers.

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Step 1


Firstly, you have to open up the Twitter app. This method can be followed by all smartphone mobile users. So, open the Twitter app.

Look for an icon which comes with a bluebird and also the word “Twitter” written underneath it. It is on this app that you have to go. Give a single tap to it and this subjected and specific will get open up for you.

Step 2

In addition, to, navigate and access your profile. Move to the bottom-right section of your screen. Most probably, you will see the gray outline of an avatar.

This avatar has the word “Me” embossed on it. You need to tap on this button. By doing so, you will be able to open up your Twitter profile.


Step 3

Moving to the third step, you have to scroll through your Twitter profile. You have to look for the retweets which you want to remove and delete.

Furthermore, it is your Twitter profile which comprises and compose of the whole history of all of your tweets as well as your retweets.

Most importantly, retweets appear in the form of two green arrows cycling and moving between each other. Also, retweets carry the image of the user who had initially and originally posted that Tweet.

This is an easy and convenient way to identify all the retweets.


Step 4

The last step is to tap on and click on the retweet icon which you want to delete. The minute you click on that retweet, it will be removed from your Twitter profile.

Even more, with the follow up of this guide, neither you nor the rest of the users will be able to see that retweet on your profile.

Besides, the original tweet is not going to get deleted and removed from the user’s timeline.


More Details Regarding Deleting a ReTweet

You might be wondering how to identify a retweet? Here is an explanation for you. The retweet icon appears and looks in the form of two green arrows.

These green arrows point in a circle. It is with the help of this icon that retweets becomes easily and instantly recognizable and noticeable.

On the other hand, the retweet circle appears to be grey and not green when other Twitter users share and retweet your tweet. Your username and icon are going to be appeared and displayed in the list of people who have shared and retweeted it.

So, to delete and remove those original retweets, what you need to do is to retweet them again for one more time. Most certainly, by doing so, the retweet icon appears and become green in color.

As soon it gets green in color, you can immediately and instantly delete that retweet by clicking and tapping on the green colored retweet icon.

This method is going to remove the original retweet as well which you pen down and shared six months ago. We have more guides for you about How To Mention People In Youtube Comments and How To Post a Youtube Video On Instagram, read them from here.

Difference Between a Retweet and a Copied Tweet


There is a clear cut difference which exists between a retweet and a copied tweet. One way to copy a tweet is to manually post and share it on your profile.

This is done by copying and pasting a tweet from some other user. Copying tweets are not called retweets on technical terms. However, the process and method of removing them are almost similar and same.

Why People Tweet?

People Tweet

As we all know that Twitter is one of the famous and credible online news and social networking sites. On this platform, people communicate and interact with each other in short messages which are usually and generally called tweets.

Moreover, Tweeting is all about posting and sharing short messages for all the users and fellows who follow you on Twitter.

Messages and Tweets are written with the intention that they come out to be useful and interesting for the audience.

It is all because of its relative novelty that people love to Tweet on this platform. Its demand and popularity is getting higher because this platform is extremely scan-friendly as well.

You can easily and conveniently track interesting Twitter users as well as be able to read about their posted and shared content. We are living in an attention-deficit world, for the reason that the presence of such platforms has become the need of the time.

Lastly, it is observed that Twitter has always employed and made use of a purposeful message delivery image.

As the tweet entry is restricted and limited to 280 characters, that is why Tweet messages remain to stay focused and always packed with clever and smart use of language.

Tweeting has become the biggest trend these days. However, to write a Tweet, it is a challenging task to do so. You can share with us if you have ever used this popular social tool.

Conclusion – Wrapping It Up!

So, what’s the bottom line? Hopefully, all readers have now understood as to how to delete retweets.

Do follow this guide if you are interested in removing and deleting any of the unnecessary and unwanted retweets from your profile. Moreover, if this method does not work properly for you, then inform us, we will guide you further.

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