One should be completely aware of the Instagram copyright strikes. However, if you are still not aware of this issue, then here is the ultimate guide for you.

If you have an Instagram account, then make sure that you do not involve yourself in any sort of copyright strikes. That is not a safe and nice place for your account.

This social media platform has started to take this issue seriously because one such incident happened in 2014.

The images captured by a photographer named as Sion Fullana were published in the Spanish Vogue’s official Instagram account without giving any credit to that photographer.

It was from that time users prefer to avoid Instagram copyright strikes as much possible as they can!

How Does Instagram Copyright Strikes System Work?Avoid Instagram Copyright Strikes

You might be wondering how Instagram copyright strikes system and penalties system work? Here are the details for you.

If you will share and upload any copied content on your Instagram account and the original creator of that content claims it, then you may have to face a penalty.

And that image or video will be removed from your Instagram account too. Most importantly, a copyright violation or you can say a trademark violation means you get a penalty and punishment on your Instagram account.

It varies how strong that penalty will be and how for much time it is going to last long. Most noteworthy, a large and extensive part of Instagram copyright system wholly and completely depends on user-submitted claimed reports.

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Guide About Avoiding Instagram Copyright StrikesAvoiding Instagram Copyright Strikes

Learn Extensively and Thoroughly About Instagram Copyright Laws

Most probably, one can avoid these Instagram copyright strikes if he or she is going to thoroughly learn about the copyright laws of this platform.

Read about the copyright laws as well as trademark laws and all kinds of intellectual property laws penned down by this platform. Most certainly, this little understanding will tell you what includes copyright violation and what a violation isn’t.

Images and videos present on Google do not mean that you have the authority to share and upload them on your account. If you copy someone else image or video, then give credit to that person.

Thus, this is how you are legally allowed to share that content on your Instagram account.

Avoid Posting Images and Videos Which You Have Not Created

The other way to avoid Instagram copyright strikes, it is to avoid posting and sharing those images and videos which you have not developed on your own.

This is the most important rule when it comes to copyright. Avoid posting that content, videos, books and movies, songs which are not made by you.

Besides, if you have not got the license of any song, then avoid uploading it on your account.

However, you can only upload it upon giving credits to the original maker of that song.

Give Attribution to avoid Instagram copyright strikes and claims

Also, giving attribution can keep you in the safe boat zone. Most probably, giving attribution also shows that you are sharing a goodwill gesture with the original creator of your shared content.

If you are sharing the music of some small-time musician, then it is recommended to give credit and attribution of his work.

Popular artists and musicians normally go for and pursue legal actions as soon as they find out that someone else copying their content. On the other hand, emerging artists and small-time musicians only pursue and opt for copyright claims.

Attribution eventually stops the other person filing a claim. Hence, giving attribution can keep your Instagram account safe from all sides.

Always Ask for Permission

Furthermore, one should ask for permission and proper consent before he uploads and posts a copied content on his Instagram account.

Moreover, if you are not ready to ask for permission, then be ready to face some legal action and copyright strike claims. You can only use the copyrighted content if you will follow the correct direction.

It is recommended to draft a permission consent form. Give it to the original creator and get him signed this form. By doing so, no claim and legal action will be made against you.

In addition to, a few of the permission consent forms comes with a fair rate. It means a fair amount of price is given to the original content creator. And in return, you get official permission to post his content on your Instagram account.

How to Avoid Live Video Streaming Copyright Strikes on Instagram?

Avoid Instagram Copyright Strikes

Some of the users go for live video streaming sessions or record live events on their Instagram accounts. By doing so, they fail to give credit to the song which they play at the background of their live streaming videos.

Thus, if you post live videos on your Instagram account, then make sure to give credits to all the songs which you had played in your live video recording.

Most certainly, such sort of copyright claims comes out to be pretty sensitive. Hence, remain careful while posting any of the audio or background audio song.

Stay Safe From The Copyright Trolls

Make sure that all Instagram users should be able to identify between fake reports and real reports claiming copyright strikes.

There are lots of copyright troll companies which normally go out of their way so that they can file frivolous kind of copyright claims. Some of them also demand payment.

Thus, do stay safe from such common trolls and get a complete understanding of the fake and real reports.

Other ways To Avoid Instagram Copyright Strikes

Besides, to avoid this situation, you can reach to the appeal form section. All Instagram users must learn about these appeal forms.

If you think that your posted video or image is removed incorrectly and the decision is not justified, then you can send an appeal form to the concerned team.

However, if you state that you are not making any money from the copied content, then that is not a fair justification from your side.

Copying any content, image or video will still make your Instagram account face some legal action and penalty. Hence, copying a single image or any small portion of the song is still marked and counted as a crime.

There are lots of sources who pen down lots of information about these Instagram copyright strikes claiming they are legal and authentic.

Better not pay any attention to any one of then. Just get in touch with the help desk team of Instagram and talk to them.

There is no use of manipulating the content; it will still be marked as copied content. Upon making little and slight changes to video or audio will not let your Instagram account to get escape from this crime.

Most importantly, making slight changes in the video or audio does not constitute fair use. And they also do not absolve you from this copyright sin.

More Tips To Avoid Instagram Copyright Strikes Avoid Instagram Copyright Strikes

Some of the people lightly skew or crop the copied images or they tend to pitch the copied audio down or up just a little bit. Some of them add a visual border or a sort of fuzz to their copied videos.

All these techniques do not work and eventually take your Instagram account to face copyright strikes and claims.

As soon as your account turns out problematic for the team of Instagram, then they may not think for a single second and shall abort and suspend your account.

So, avoid following such techniques which will only bring trouble and mess for you.

Copying Instagram photos, it means photographers shall sue you. So, give credit to the original creator. Also these days, the Instagram team is tackling this issue in a bit more efficient way.

However, to copy a piece of music or any song line, make sure to give credit to the owners. Giving proper credit to the respective owners is important for you.

You can even ask from them before you post their music on your Instagram account. You can even use Copyrighted Free Music for Your Instagram videos.

Most certainly, there are lots of websites which offer Copyright free Music. Feel free to use them. And here you can also check out the guide How To See Who Viewed Your Instagram Video?


So, what’s the bottom line? Instagram and Copyrights, they walk and move hand in hand. This Instagram platform has become a social media giant, so it is wise for you to use it in the correct way.

One should know how to tackle these copyright issues if working on this platform. The team of this platform has made it completely clear in its terms and conditions as what is legal and what is not legal over here!

Moreover, to catch up with more information on the copyright strikes and claim details penned down by Instagram, then keep in touch with us. And get Free Twitter Followers by clicking here.

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