At times, when it comes to taking photos, then it is usually marked as a creative pursuit or as a professional pursuit. However, here we are going to jump into the world of Instagram.

And get to know about the 12 incredible photography tips which are made for budding as well as established photographers who are on Instagram.

You might be wondering how to take the best pictures for your Instagram account so that you can get more love, views, praise, and love from your followers? Here we will tell you.

These tips will help you to polish your photography skills on Instagram. So, start taking wonderful photos and upload them on this social media platform.

1- Use a High-Quality DSLR camera

High-Quality DSLR camera

Most importantly, you have to ditch your smartphone camera and start taking photos by using a high-quality DSLR camera. Your Instagram photos should only be captured and taken by a top-quality DSLR camera.

This is how you can always take and upload highquality professional shots on your Instagram account. Most noteworthy, these kinds of cameras always manage to produce and give significantly excellent image quality.

The top versions of DSLR cameras give you a greater and extensive amount of control while taking pictures.

It is with the help of these DSLR cameras that you can seamlessly manipulate the settings with respect to focus, depth of field, and also shutter speed. Thus, DSLRs are a far better option if you want to take pictures in the low light conditions.

They help you with zooming as well. Hence, for your Instagram photos, it is a must for all photographers to use DSLR cameras and avoid taking pictures from their smartphone cameras.

2- Specify a Central and Main theme for Your Instagram Photography Account

Your Instagram Photography Account

For budding and experienced photographers, they have to first decide what is their target market and niche before uploading any picture on their Instagram account.

It is very important for you to define and explain your brand’s aesthetics. Plan out and decide a central theme for your account. It is on this central and main theme that your Instagram photos are going to circulate.

As an example, your whole and entire Instagram pictures can be related to the world of architecture, travel or food, fashion. Most probably, you can even choose a specific and particular photography style of yours.

Like, your whole Instagram pictures can be black-and-white or carry minimalist photography aspect in them. Thus, try to maintain and retain a cohesive style in your Instagram pictures.

3- Share Your Best Collection

Best Collection

In addition, share your best collection only on your Instagram account. By posing just your best images, this is how every single photo of your Instagram account can carry a wow factor.

In other words, all of your pictures and uploaded photographs have to look collectively amazing. Besides, look for a common theme and common color palette as well as common saturation and common style for your Instagram photos.

Hence, this is how photographers can keep their every single follower engaged.

Also, if you have captured lots of pictures from a single shoot, then keep in mind that you are going to upload and post only the best pictures.

There is no use of posting rough and unimpressive pictures on your Instagram feed. This way, your followers may lose interest in your work and may start to unfollow your account.

4- Focus on Sharing Relevant and Quality Pictures

Relevant and Quality Pictures

Most certainly, most of the budding photographers, they fail to remember this golden rule which is focusing and concentrating on quality over quantity.

You should make it a point that only high quality and relevant images are going to be shared on your Instagram account. You can easily garner the highest amount of love and positive response from your Instagram followers upon uploading relevant and quality images.

Moreover, following a posting pattern develops your photography skills too.

Upload and share those pictures which speak and convey some strong meaning. It is useless to post a large number of pictures on your Instagram account which fail to convey any of the strong meaning to your followers.

Even a single picture is enough in a single day which you can share on your Instagram account. But that picture should be thoughtful from all angles and sides.

5- Use Creative and Interesting Captions and Hashtags

Captions and Hashtags

The next important tip which you should keep in mind while posting photos on Instagram, it is about using creative and interesting captions and hashtags.

If your caption is engaging enough, then your photo will get a lot of love. It is on your caption that you can share a story with your followers and lovers. Convey and share with them what that picture means to you.

Furthermore, budding and professional photographers have to mentally engage their followers. Prompt and start a genuine interaction session with them.

Thus, captions give you a great and massive opportunity for creating more of a personal connection with your followers.

In addition to, using creative Instagram hashtags are another best and effective way to make your photos garner more love. Hashtags increase and boost the engagement rate of your posted photo.

It also attracts a large number of relevant followers. Thus, to all photographers out there, they need to use appropriate captions and hashtags so that they can turn their photographs more popular.

It is best to place your hashtags right at the end of your post and limit yourself to just using 15 hashtags.

6- Reply to Every Single Comment of Your Instagram Follower

Instagram Follower

Besides, if you have a photography account on Instagram, then it is utmost essential for you to reply every single comment of your follower. You have to tell your followers how much you love them!

Beyond, it is this Instagram algorithm which automatically identifies and marks down the high-interaction posts. So make an effort to make your post as much interactive as you can. Put up quality and engaging photos on your Instagram account.

Most probably, the more you will interact with your followers, the more they will like and admire your photos. If you area beginner level photographer, then make it a priority for you to reply and comment back your followers.

Take some time out and get fully engaged with them. Reply in a friendly way to their comments. You can answer their questions as well as appreciate their response.

7- Search for Instagram Hubs and Get Connected with them

 Instagram Hubs

This is another important tip which should be considered by all beginner level and experienced photographers who have their account on Instagram.

Keep on searching for Instagram hubs and right away get connected with them. Most noteworthy, hubs are basically the Instagram accounts.

And their purpose is to share other users’ images. In other words, you can say that these hubs display the work of other users in the form of an online gallery.

So, if you want to extend the reach of your photography account, then join these Instagram hubs.

Once you make your account on Instagram, make it a target to look for a large number of hubs and interact with them on a daily basis. You can request them to share your uploaded work.

For beginner and budding level photographers, it is crucial for them to join and connect their accounts with these hubs. This is an easy way to feature your work and to make it reach to lots of other people.

8- Make a Strong and Impactful Instagram Profile

Instagram profile

Also, budding and too experienced photographers, then need to make their Instagram profile as much strong as they can! If your profile looks hardworking and impactful, then followers will automatically get attracted to your posted and uploaded pictures.

Finalize the name of your account which looks and come out to be instantly recognizable. If your account name is easy to memorize and easy to remember, then that is great.

After that, your profile photo can be based on your central and main theme which you have chosen to showcase your photography skills.

Moreover, you can even include and mention in your bio all about your skills and specialty. Tell and explain to your followers who you are and why are you here!

Your profile and bio should be designed and crafted in a way that it instantly makes a strong connection with your followers. Even more, you can also add contact details and the official link to your website if you have any.

9- Combine your Photo with Some Powerful Words

Powerful Words

Any picture which comes with a strong story and powerful addition of words, it looks way far impressive looking as compared to the other pictures.

Most probably, what you can do is to write and craft a story with every single photo which you post on your Instagram account. This way, your simple photo shall become part of a great photography line and eventually leaves an everlasting impression on your followers.

By doing so, you can easily evoke some emotional response or emotional feel in your followers and viewers. By sharing the story which is present behind your captured photos, this tip also makes a spontaneous connection with your audience.

Most certainly, adding a storyline into your Instagram photos let you do a real interaction with your followers.

10- Post Your Pictures at the Best Time or Peak Hours Time

Pictures at the Best Time

All photographers have to make sure that they post their photos during the time when their pictures can get maximum views. Understand the importance of peak hours time as well.

Most importantly, it is during the morning time that lots of Instagram users login to their profiles. So, this is the best time to post your captured photographs and grab maximum love.

It is also observed that Sundays are the best days when it comes to posting any content on Instagram This is one of the exclusive days where you can get maximum Instagram likes and views.

Most noteworthy, it is on this day that you can enjoy and experience the greatest number of interactions with your followers. Thus, all photographers have to understand this crucial importance of this tip as well.

11- Remain Regular and Consistent Regarding Posting Pictures

Posting Pictures

Being a beginner level photographer, if your sole target is to get praise for your captured pictures, then make sure that you post the pictures on your Instagram account on a regular and consistent basis.

It is highly crucial for you to remain utmost consistent in this job. If you show a lack of consistency in this job, then automatically your followers will start to show less engagement.

This way, more and more followers will come back to your account. And they are going to pour more and more love on your Instagram pictures.

As a photographer, this is also a simple way if you want to build your audience. So, never show absence if you are one of the dedicated photographers and share your captured pictures on Instagram every single day.

12- What to Go For? Square Images or Not Square Images?

Square Images

The last tip is about eradicating your confusion. If you are posting square images on your Instagram account, then note such kind of images do not appear and look as classical photographs.

People are accustomed and prefer to see rectangle images. However, if posting any of the vertical images, then such sort of images always look good on your Instagram account.

On the other hand, for a few of the photographers, it is difficult for them to compose vertical images. But vertical images look gorgeous and big and they are always loaded with full of details.

If any photographer prefers to upload and share horizontal images, then keep in mind that such images are perceived differently. These kinds of pictures are associated and linked with classical photography.

So, if you want to show and display your work with the hints of traditional traits, then always capture photos in a horizontal direction. Also, horizontal images are a bit smaller as compared to the squares and vertical images.

Conclusion – Wrapping It Up!

Thus, what’s the bottom line? It is high time that you start taking and capturing amazing photos for your Instagram account. Furthermore, do let us know what other photography tips and guide you want to know.

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