Instagram and hashtags, they always go hand in hand. In other words, they enjoy a relationship which peanut butter and jelly enjoys.

To begin with, here we will talk about the top 7 reasons about why your Instagram hashtags are not working! So far, the correct usage of hashtags has now become a mysterious kind of guessing game.

If you often get frustrated as to why your hashtags are not working and loading, then the below-mentioned guide may help you.

No doubt, the hashtag (#) has become one of the most recognizable and popular symbols of this current generation. It was first and initially popularized and started by Twitter.

Instagram Hashtags Not Working

However, Instagram has greatly and immensely given a strong push to its overall popularity. Furthermore, Instagram hashtags boost your post engagement and help you gain more and more followers.

Hence, now let us explore some of the main and basic reasons as to why your hashtags are not working effectively:

Reason 1: Your Profile is Flagged and Marked as Spam


If your Instagram profile is flagged and marked as spam, then it is one of the top reasons that your Instagram hashtags are not working. This reason is the main culprit which arise this issue.

It is all due to the misuse of hashtags shared in your post that your profile gets flagged as spam.

Most importantly, if any of the Instagram users commit and perform spammy kind of hashtag offenses, then his or her profile account eventually face a shadowban.

There are a few of the hashtag mistakes which may turn out your Instagram account to shadowban itself.

Upon using popular hashtags or trending hashtags which are extremely irrelevant to your post, this scenario may mark your profile as spam.

Most noteworthy, upon using the exact same hashtags for every single post of yours, this way your profile gets banned too and your hashtags fail to work as well.

Thus, to make your hashtags workable, you need to make your profile and Instagram account spam-free. Remove all of the banned or misused hashtags from your past posts.

Furthermore, contact the Instagram team and convey to you your main issue and problem. However, if your profile remains to stay shadowban, then what you can do is to make a new Instagram account.

Reason 2: User Use the Same Kind of Hashtags Every Single Time

Instagram Hashtags Not Working

Most probably, your Instagram hashtags fail to work properly because you use the same kind of hashtags every single time.

If you tend to copy the same set of hashtags in every post of yours, then there are heavy chances that your hashtags may not work for you at any cost.

In other words, a serious notice of this issue is taken by the team of Instagram who is operating these detection tools if you regularly use the same hashtags.

If you want to improve and increase the number of Instagram followers, then it is recommended to come up with new hashtags.

Besides, your posts will be treated and marked as spam if the Instagram team detects that you are using the same and repetitive hashtags. This is a serious rule violation according to this social media platform.

Using this technique will no longer help you reach new audiences. Thus, always switch up and revise your hashtags. The best way to treat and handle this problem is to come up with 40 to 50 relevant hashtags.

And then you can revise and switch them up later on. This way, your Instagram account will enjoy good standing.

Reason 3: You are Choosing Broad and General Hashtags

General Hashtags

The other topmost reason as to why your hashtags are not working, it is because you are using broad hashtags.

If you desire and wish to grow your Instagram account, then it is very much important for you to avoid choosing that kind of hashtags which are specifically and generally too broad. Remain stick to the specific hashtags.

You can only reach to a wider audience and gain new followers if you plan to use the hashtags which are highly and immensely specific to your target market.

In addition, using specific hashtags help your audience to take action and a large amount of interest in your posts. Your content becomes more engaging.

It becomes easy and quick for you to reach to the extensive number of users in less time. Lastly, specific hashtags are more searchable.  They receive more engagement rate and brings an active interest in your niche zone.

So, whenever you see that your hashtags are not working, then instead of using general and broad hashtags, you can start choosing niche-specific hashtags.

Reason 4: User Use The Wrong Number of Hashtags

This is a common confusion which is faced by Instagram account holders. It is that they still do not know how many numbers of hashtags they can use in a single post!

It is according to some of the social media strategists that one should stick to only 5-10 hashtags on a per post basis.

If you want your post to bring some magic in terms of gaining and getting new followers, then use the ideal number of hashtags. Besides, the average usage of hashtags gives you a higher engagement as well.

Moreover, it is best to test and workout on your hashtag strategy.

Make a few of the posts which are similar and somewhat same in terms of format, style, and subject.

And then you can use a different number of hashtags for each one of them. This way, you can easily know which post with how many numbers of hashtags performs the best and worst.

Even more, Instagram’s algorithm and trends keep on getting changed and revised. So, it is best to keep yourself updated about Instagram trends as well.

Reason 5: You are Using Banned Hashtags

Instagram Hashtags Not Working

Moving to another top reason as to why your hashtags are not working ideally for you! It is due to the fact that you are using banned hashtags on your Instagram posts.

Most importantly, banned Instagram hashtags are kind of hashtags which are blocked, suspended or banned by the team of Instagram. It is largely because of the inappropriate content that those hashtags got banned.

As an example, some of the hashtags contain provocative and racist kind of imagery. For the reason that those got banned and blocked.

However, most of the harmless of all hashtags also get banned by the Instagram team.

Like, you may have heard that the hashtag #beautyblogger is banned and blocked now. This hashtag was used to be one of the most popular hashtags.

But people started hijacking it and did the misuse of it by posting and uploading inappropriate content. Most probably, the user gets an error message from the team that you are using “banned” hashtags”.

That is why this kind of hashtag us easily recognizable. It is at the bottom of hashtags page that this error message appears.

Reason 6: You do Not think Out of the Box

If your hashtags are way too and extremely generalized, there are multiple numbers of chances that they may not grab more followers for you.

It is silly and obviously stupid to sue hashtags like that of #food, #dogs, #friday. Just think out of the box. Avoid choosing far too boring and generalized hashtags.

Come up with a hashtag which makes a direct and instant connection with your audience. Thus, to make super-duper and awesome hashtags, each one of you has to think outside the box.

As an example, the hashtag #food contains 247,500,000 posts. To compete with such a hashtag, it is near and next to impossible thing.

So, instead of using and choosing a hashtag #food, you can go for the hashtag which titles #sundaybrunch. Lastly, remember the golden rule, target, target and just target. This is how out of the box hashtags attract more followers.

Reason 7: You are Not doing Enough Research on Your Hashtags

Instagram Hashtags Not Working

Lastly, the lack of research fails to make your hashtags workable. Before you use any of the hashtags on your Instagram post, make sure that you do carry out extensive research regarding the engagement rate of that hashtag.

Furthermore, the hashtag research process is as much simple and quick to do likewise you perform a Google search. Besides, without researching your hashtags, the person eventually ends up using the wrong hashtags.

This process just takes a little time of yours. Instead of using banned and boring hashtags, it is best to do a little research. Always use quality and popular hashtag for your post.

Thus, doing enough research on hashtags eventually and automatically gives you a high engagement rate and high response rate on your Instagram posts.

Conclusion – Wrapping It Up!

Hence, what’s the bottom line? Above-mentioned are the clear cut reasons which explain as to why your Instagram hashtags are not working!

So, to all Instagrammers out there, master this skill and create the best hashtags for your posts. To catch up more guide on Instagram technical details, keep tuned and in touch with us.

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