There are lots of reasons which push people to clear their Instagram search history section. Here is a guide for you which helps you to perform this job in a minute.

Apart from clearing your Instagram search history, you can even prevent and stop specific accounts and users from showing upright on your Instagram profile again.

Hence, let us have a look at the subjected guide now. And if you are eager to get Free Instagram Followers, then contact us now.

Steps to Clear Instagram Search History

The very first and foremost step regarding clearing, removing and deleting Instagram Search History, this overall process is done with the help of the social media service app.

Furthermore, this app is currently available for the extensive range and multiple platforms. This also includes Android, iOS, as well as Windows.

Step 1

Most importantly, to start this tutorial, you have to launch yourself and log into the Instagram app. Click on the Profile button. This button is usually and generally represented by a head and torso.

Moreover, it is located and present in the bottom right-hand section as you can clearly see in the image.


Step 2

After that, you are going to get a display of your Instagram profile. Click on the Menu button.

Most certainly, this specific and particular button is right there in the upper right-hand section.

Even more, it is displayed and depicted by three verticallyaligned dots.

However, if you are using a Windows phone, then this menu button comes in the form of a gear icon.


Step 3

Tap on the Settings gear. This gear icon is present closely located in the bottom section of the slide-out pane.

Reach and access this slide-out pane and complete the rest of the guide with respect to deleting as well as clearing your Instagram search history.


Step 4

Besides, in the fourth step, you have to tap and click on the Security icon. Select the button which says Clear Search History. And then make a confirmation of your decision one more time.


Step 5

Lastly, you will get a message asking for the final confirmation. Most importantly. to confirm and verify this action of yours, you have to press and click on the button Yes.

Thus, by doing so, your search history of Instagram will be cleared and cleaned instantly.

Step 5

Step 6

Once your return and get back to your Search page on Instagram, you are going to see that the prior search history shows no results. In means, you have successfully completed this task.

And no search history results are available or visible on your Profile.

Step 6

Conclusion – Wrapping It Up!

This is how Instagram allow and let users clear and remove their search history on Instagram.

In addition, whenever you notice that your search history section is filled and jampacked with unnecessary keywords, hashtags, then you can remove and clear the whole history data in a minute.

Moreover, let us know what other guides you want to look for! And if any of you faces difficulty in getting Free Instagram Likes, then he or she can contact us.

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