The quick and simple guide on how to unblock someone from Instagram is mentioned over here. You might be wondering which of the main steps are a part of this guide?

So, here are the details for you. People often block other users on Instagram when they get into a fight. So if someone has written something nasty and messy on your profile, then you eventually block that person.

However, if that same person apologizes to you. And he or she says sorry to you, then you can unblock him or her on Instagram. Besides, to Get Free Instagram Followers and also to get, click here.

Step 1

The first step with respect unblocking someone from Instagram, you need to firstly go to your Instagram profile. Open up the Instagram app.

Then you have to click and hit on the humanoid icon which is present in the bottom right section of your screen. Thus, by doing so, your Instagram profile will come in front of you.


Step 2

Furthermore, tap and click on the menu button. As soon as you reach and access your Instagram profile, then you have to select and choose the button located in the upper-right section.

Moreover, this button appears and looks in the forms of three horizontal lines. Just click on it and proceed to the third step.


Step 3

Select the options ‘Settings‘ right from the menu sidebar. It is on the right-hand side that this button or tab generally appears. Simply give a single click to it and move to the next step of this guide.


Step 4

Now, you have to click and hit the option ‘Blocked Accounts‘. What you can do is to scroll down completely to the ‘Security and Privacy‘ section.

This section is present and location in your Settings bar. Here you will see the option which states ‘Blocked Accounts‘. You only have to tap on it for a single time.

Step 4

Step 5

Most probably, once you press the button Blocked Accounts, you will get the complete list and details as how many users you have blocked. Just select and click on the account which you want to unblock from Instagram.

Step 5

Step 6

Tap on the option Unblock. You need to click on that account user name. Upon clicking on her account user name, you will then be taken to her profile page.

There will be a large in size blue-button present on her profile that says ‘Unblock.’. Thus, click on that button and become friends with that user for one more time.

more time

Step 7

The last step is to click on the Dismiss button. Most importantly, once you complete and finish the proceedings of this guide, then a pop-up window is going to come and appear.

That pop-up window will show the message that you can block this same user again any time you want to. Simply click on the Dismiss button as you do not want to proceed with the Block decision of yours.

Besides, clicking on the ‘Dismiss‘ button will take you out from that pop-window window.


This is how the overall process goes if you ever want to unblock someone from Instagram. Most noteworthy, upon finishing all the steps of this tutorial, you become friends with that person again.

And both of you starts to follow each other again as well. Moreover, the blue button present on that user profile now says ‘Follow‘.

Method to Unblock the User from Instagram on a Desktop

The above-mentioned method is about unblocking the user from the Instagram app by using your phone. On the other hand, there is another method which you can follow to unblock the person from your Instagram app by using your computer desktop station.

However, this is done by accessing and visiting Instagram’s website.

Simply go to the blocked user’s profile. Note down that the desktop version does not comprise and consist of the same menu button which is generally present on your Instagram profile.

Moreover, it is in the search bar that you have to look for the user’s profile details and name. This is how you can access that profile page which you had previously blocked.

Upon accessing that respective profile, you can click on the button ‘Unblock’. There is a blue ‘Unblock’ button which you will see on that respective profile.

Clicking on the Unblock button is going to instantly unblock that profile. In addition to, make sure to dismiss the pop-up window as well. Lastly, a message will come on your screen saying you have successfully unblocked that particular profile on Instagram!

What Happens When You Unblock Someone?

Most probably, when you unblock some, then Instagram automatically and instantly connect both of you. You start following each other.

You start liking, following and sharing each other posts. Unblocking means, both of the profiles are going to get regular notifications regarding what they are up to currently!

Blocking any user does not get the notification that he or she is blocked by someone. However, if any account gets unblocked, then Instagram gives her a notification. Thus, this unblocking process is relatively and comparatively a drama-free procedure.

So, if you had gotten into a fight with your bestie. And both of you have resolved and sorted out your issues too. Now is the time to unblock her. In this world of Instagram, blocking and unblocking the users is no longer a big deal.

Even couples unfollow and block each other on petty and minor issues. You can read the guide on from here.


So, what’s the bottom line? This mark as one of the easy to follow guides which help you unblock the respective person from Instagram.

However, if you face any other issues while using this social media platform, then feel free to share your queries with us. Other guides like that of How To Unfollow Someone On Instagram? – [Easy & Fast] are shared over here.

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