Instagram has now become a big thing these days. Or you can say it is trending a lot on extensive notes. If you already had an Instagram account and somehow it got deactivated, then below is the guide for you as to how to reactivate your Instagram account.

Just a few of the steps are incorporated into this guide. Furthermore, if you have temporarily deactivated your account, then there is a simple method to reactivate it.

Or you can also put forward your appeal in front of the help and support team of Instagram.

However, if your account is removed and deleted, then the only solution to create and make a new account of yours.

Step 1Instagram Account

The very first step is to open Instagram.

You need to tap on the Instagram app icon. For your convenience who are new and at the beginner level of this app, they should know that this app icon resembles and look like a multicolored camera.

Step 2Instagram Account

The second step is to enter your username as well as your email address details. Do enter your phone number information too. In addition to, it is on the top next field that you have to enter these details.

You can either use the Facebook credential or you use the other credential. Both of them are associated and linked with the reactivating account phase.

Tap on the Login button or link the specified page so that you can view and see the login page.

Step 3Instagram Account

Most probably, after opening the desired and specific page, you have to enter your password. It is in the “Password” text box that you have to put up this information.

However, if you fail to remember your password, then it is must and essential for you to reset it

Step 4Instagram Account

After entering the password and other required details, tap login. For your ease, it is at the bottom section of your Instagram screen that you are going to find this login button.

Upon entering the correct login credentials, you will be able to login to your Instagram account as soon as possible. And in this scenario, you can reactivate it as well.

Step 5Instagram Account

Most importantly, the user has to follow all of the on-screen instructions in a careful manner. Moreover, the user needs to accept all of the updated Terms of Use and other conditions.

The step of verifying your phone number will be carried out once you will proceed to your account. Your account shall get reactivated once you log back into it.

Step 6Instagram Account

If somehow your Instagram account fails to get reactivated, then you can put forward your appeal. For that, open up the Instagram app. Login by entering all the right and correct credentials.

If you see this message that your account is now disabled by Instagram for violating the Terms of Use or you see an error message that you have put up an incorrect password, it means you have to open up the appeal form of Instagram.

Step 7Instagram Account

It is in the web browser section of your computer that you have to paste the link provided in the below-mentioned image.

This appeal form is basically and generally used to reactivate and reopen your Instagram account. Most probably, by filling this form, you will be able to access your account again.

Step 8Instagram Account

In this appeal form, enter your correct name first of all. It is in the full name text box that you have to enter this detail. Near the top section of this page, you can find this full name text box.

Most noteworthy, you have to enter and write your first and last name correctly. Write that first and last name which is already displayed on your Instagram account.

Step 9Instagram Account

The next step is to enter your username detail on this appeal form. Note down that it will be “Your Instagram Username” which shall appear on your account.

Step 10Instagram Account

Then enter all details of your email address and also phone number. Look for the text boxes which states “Your email address”, “Your phone number”.

And you can put up the desired and correct information respectively.

Step 11Instagram Account

Now, here comes the important part of this appeal form. It is to enter and type your appeal request. The last section of this form carries this appeal writing text box.

The Instagram account holder has to write up and type a brief message. There he needs to explain this fact to the team of Instagram team and committee stating why his account needs to get activated now.

In addition, while you are writing and plan to pen down your appeal, you have to avoid apologizing. Just keep your tone and overall writing pattern all pleasant.

Besides, refrain yourself from using any kind of harsh language and harsh tone. Lastly, end your appeal tone with a message Thank You.

Step 12Instagram Account

The last step is to click on the send button. This button is present in the blue color. It is at the bottom section of this appeal form that you may find this send button.

By doing so, your appeal form is going to be automatically sent to the team of Instagram. It depends on them whether they choose and decide to reactivate your account or not.

Moreover, the user will get the notification regarding the decision of reactivating his account from the concerned team.

Furthermore, if your appeal gets rejected, then you can even submit your appeal form for as many times you want to!

It is for multiple numbers of times in a day that this appeal process can be carried out by you.

Conclusion – Wrapping It Up!

Thus, what’s the bottom line? Follow this guide and instantly reactivate your Instagram account. If you have any question on this account reactivating process, then do let us know.

We will guide you more. Happy Instagram time to all of you. And do share your experiences with us regarding your Instagram account activation and deactivation phases.

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