Instagram has now become a whole new world for all those people who love to get connected and get in touch with like-minded accounts. To begin with, let us all get to know as to how to see what someone likes on Instagram.

If you are following any personal account or professional business account, then the below-mentioned guide can help you with respect to knowing what that account has like on Instagram!

Furthermore, this guide is going to inform you about the recent activities, likes, and comments done by the accounts which you have followed.

So, engage yourself thoroughly on Instagram and see what other people are liking. There are lots of people who have been using and working on Instagram for such a long time, still, they are unaware of this feature.

If you are new to this feature, then make sure to learn it.

Step 1

Likes on Instagram

The very first step in order to see what someone likes on Instagram, you have to open the Instagram app. Click on the app icon by using your mobile smartphone.

Most probably, the home page of this app gets to load automatically as soon as you click and open the Instagram app.

Step 2

In addition, the person has to click and tap on the heart icon. This icon is located on the bottom right-hand corner section of your Instagram app.

Just a single click is required and needed. Upon clicking on the heart icon, the person is directed and instructed to move to the third step.

Someone Likes on Instagram

Step 3

As soon as you click on the heart icon, then the Instagram app shall direct and instruct you to reach to your notifications page. Most certainly, it is on this page where you can easily and conveniently view who engaged and interacted with your posts.

Furthermore, you get to know how many people seen and viewed your story. Through this page, the person gets and receive notifications who has tagged them in their photos, captions or in their comments.

Someone Likes on Instagram

Just click on the button “Following”. This button is located and present on the left side of “You”. Thus, this is the general method which is followed in order to see what some other Instagram account holder likes on their accounts.

Step 4

You can regularly visit this Instagram page and see what other people are liking, tagging, posting and commenting.

Simply clicking on the Following button gives you all the information which you want! On the other hand, if you want to regularly receive the notifications from the specific Instagram account holder, then select and choose that user’s profile.

Someone Likes on Instagram

Click on the three-dot menu icon which is present on the top right section of the screen. Finally, click on the button stating Turn On Post Notifications.

Thus, this is how every time that person share or post something, you will get an instant notification. In other words, you get a push notification from the app side.

Most importantly, you can also turn it off if you want to. Just repeat the above process and simply turn off and switch off the post notifications.

More Guide Regarding How To See What Someone Likes, Shared, Commented and Posted on Instagram

Someone Likes on Instagram

Moreover, you can see again what you have liked on Instagram in the past. As an example, if the person has liked something recently on his Instagram account.


Or if he wants to check out that activity for one more time. Then what he needs to do is to select his Instagram profile. Click on the menu icon and then select the tab which states Posts You’ve Liked.

It is from the section of Options Window that you can find this tab. By doing so, you get a list of posts which you have liked somewhere in the recent past.

By checking and reviewing them, you can even unlike them if you desire and wish to do so.

However, most of the people look for the method as to how to get the notifications when some other Instagram account holder post or share an update on his account!

You can do that by setting up notifications to alerts on your account. In this way, the person can easily and quickly know who has posted and shared what on his Instagram account.

This is one of the easy ways to make the best of use of the Instagram app and enjoy every bit second of it. By doing so, the person shall remain updated and upgraded regarding what’s going on other Instagram profiles.

The last tip is about clearing your Instagram search history. This is commonly done to hide or remove your guilty searches. There is a simple and easy process to clear and clean your Instagram search history.

Go to the menu icon and click on the button Clear Search History. This button is present at the bottom section of your Instagram page. Finally, click on the Yes button when prompted to do so.

Doing so, your search history gets all cleared.

Conclusion – Wrapping It Up!

So, what’s the bottom line? Follow the above-written guide and get instant notifications what others are liking, sharing and commenting on their Instagram accounts.

This is a great way to extend and maximize your interaction level with the people you are following on Instagram app. No doubt, this social media platform gives a large and extensive number of opportunities to their users to increase the interaction level with their friends.

And one way by doing that is to regularly see what others are liking, posting, sharing, tagging and also commenting.

Moreover, we hope to see more of the great and best features in this networking app. Stay tuned with us as more easy ways to explore Instagram app are coming up.

Connect yourself with other people from all around the globe. Be friends with people and follow them which are living all across multiple numbers of niches and diversify your friend’s network circle.

To learn more about as to how to use Instagram, keep connected with us.

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