No doubt, the YouTube comment section has turned out to be the weird place these days. Most of the people tend to avoid commenting because YouTube threads are not that much well organized.

However, here you can catch up with the guide regarding how to mention people in Youtube comments. Or you can say how to tag someone.

This popular and excessively used social media platform contains a feature which let people tag other users in the comment section. This tagging and mentioning part is done by replying to that person or user in that comment chain.

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The Old Method With Respect To Mention People In Youtube Comments

You might be wondering what was the old mentioning people or users in Youtube comments? Here we can remind you about that! By typing “+” and the correct name of that person process the tagging ask.

By doing so, a tag was created. However, this method does not work and run anymore. It can be said on unfortunate terms that direct tagging method is no longer available and currently present on Youtube.

This method is now removed by Google+ and a different tagging method is introduced for the Youtube platform users.

To tag someone or mention someone, one has to opt for a legit way. Simply hit on the Reply button in the comment chain section and that person will be tagged automatically.

Lastly, tagging multiple numbers of people in Youtube comments is not possible. You can only mention a single person at a time. Mentioning multiple people feature at a time is not introduced by the platform of Youtube.

Most of the people believe that this social media platform should make its tagging feature a bit simpler and easy to process.

People love mentioning other people, they love tagging their other fellows. But they feel limited and restricted to do so.

Guide to Tag or Mention Someone in a YouTube Comment

Below we have explained an easy to follow method for our readers. By following this guide, you can tag the specific person you want to! Most probably, there are certain rules and limitations which all of you have to keep in mind.

It is essential for you to be the part of that comment chain and reply to that user whom you want to mention. Check out this comment thread and see how this method is processed.

Step 1

Firstly, open any comment chain section. It can be the part of any Youtube video comment section. Most certainly, you will see lots of comments appearing and showing in that chain box.

Mention People In Youtube Comments

Hit to the specific comment and reply to it. You can tag and mention only that person whom you decide to reply to their comment.

Step 2

Upon clicking on the reply button in that comment thread, you are going to see that Youtube automatically tags that user whom you are replying to his or her comment.

Mention People In Youtube Comments

In addition, your reply starts with the tag name of that person.

Step 3

Mention People In Youtube Comments

Once the name is tagged and mentioned in that comment, you can then write and pen down the rest of your comment.

Step 4

Mention People In Youtube Comments

The last step is to post and submit your comment. Once it is posted and uploaded, you will see that your comment comes with an automatic tag.

That specific and particular username will be mentioned in that comment. Furthermore, the mentioning part or the tagging part is highlighted in blue color.

Thus, this is how to mention any person in a YouTube comment.

More about Mentioning and Tagging People In Youtube Comments

So far, this is the only possible and operational method which you can use to mention and tag others.

However, most of the users have expressed and displayed their frustration level because they are not at all happy with respect to YouTube’s comment section feature.

This tagging part is a bit more complicated and tough as compared to the rest of the social media platforms.

Till now, no formal announcement is made as to whether any change will take place in the Youtube comment tagging section or not. Just follow the above-written method.

Because this is the only and exclusive method to tag and mention other people. Hopefully, Google may implement more of the better and easy to follow tagging features for the Youtube users.

No doubt, YouTube is still marked and counted as one of the amazing platforms for all of the aspiring videomakers and also for creative content creators.

At the same time, it needs to work on its tagging part. If the Youtube comment section gets better, then we hope to see to more progress in this platform.

A large number of Youtube users believe and perceive that this tagging feature is the only drawback of this platform. If this feature gets corrected, then hopefully, more and more active users shall become part of this video sharing community.

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Conclusion – Wrapping It Up!

So, what’s the bottom line? This YouTube tagging and mentioning comment system needs a ton of homework to be done. It is still not confirmed when a new and easy to follow solution will be implemented.

Right now, follow this underwhelming comment system if you want to mention someone in a Youtube comment.

To understand more of the features of Youtube, you are free to ask from us. Moreover, let us know about your experience with respect to tagging and mentioning people in the Youtube comments.

Did you find this method weird and overwhelming for you? Or you find it easy? Share with us your feedback. Besides, if you have just opened your own Youtube channel and wants to get Free Youtube subscribers, then click here.

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