Blogging, SEO and AdWords or Facebook ads, they have become one of the biggest platforms for the sake of driving traffic on a website. However, the popularity of the second biggest search engine which is Youtube, that cannot be denied as well.

To begin with, here you can get to know how Youtube search works! We have mentioned the complete guide for you. One needs to approach this platform in the correct way.

This is how you can reap and extract the maximum number of benefits. Furthermore, this guide will tell you how to optimize the YouTube videos so that you can attract more prospects out from this platform.

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Keyword Research

Keyword Research

You might be wondering how to make this Youtube platform workable for you? We will tell you. To rank your Youtube video the highest of all, then make sure to focus on the keyword research aspect.

Do search for YouTube SEO related keywords. Add those keywords in your video title and description box which usually come on the first page of Google.

Most importantly, use those keywords which start with How To or make videos which consist of reviews of different products or services.

You can even make use of such tools which can quickly and easily generate YouTube specific related keyword ideas for you.

Creating The Video

Creating The Video

Most probably, Youtube has always asked its users to make their video content stronger. This platform is all about watching videos.

For the reason that your storytelling, writing, editing as well as composition areas should be up to the required standards. Your Youtube video can only be searched higher if it encompasses a good storytelling line in it.

Your videos should tell interesting stories. So, try to remain a little creative while making a Youtube video.

Besides, good editing distinguishes highly ranked video from a low ranked video. Your process of editing should be super flawless. Also, video creation skills do matter.

At the same time, one needs to learn how to storyboard their ideas. Thus, this is basically how the Youtube search works. Apart from that, we can even help you in getting Free Twitter Followers and Free Facebook Likes.

Understanding and Analyzing YouTube Analytics

YouTube Analytics

It is commonly observed that Youtube measure and analyze the video quality on the basis of certain factors. Your video is ranked and judged on the basis of video retention aspect.

It means the longer your video is watched by the people, the better and high quality it is! Moreover, your video shall be searched more and more if it gets the maximum number of comments from other people.

Those videos which manage to generate and extract lots of comments, those videos generally make a special connection with the audience.

It is also on the basis of subscription rate that your video ranking is based on! High-quality videos get a high subscription rate and eventually more people subscribe and get connected to your YouTube channel.

Lastly, if your video is added to Watch Later zone, then it is also one of the good signs that your video has bring enough interest into your target audience.

Optimizing Your Youtube Video for YouTube SEO

YouTube SEO

The working of Youtube depends on how you optimize your Youtube videos. While you optimize your videos, make sure to go for the recommended SEO practices.

Most importantly, include focus keyword right in the image tag section of your video file. It is in the filename of your video that you should always use a specific keyword before you upload it on the Youtube platform.

The title of your video needs to be at least 5 words. It should include your target keyword as well.

Some of the Youtube channel makers tend to avoid the description part. Your video ranking is based on this aspect as well. You should come up with good and easy to read descriptions for your videos.

It is observed that video descriptions can be of at least 200 words. You can also place the link of your website on the top section of your description box. This will help you to get more and more visitors to your website.

Tagging, Sharing, Subscribing

Sharing, Subscribing

However, the mechanism of Youtube is extensively dependent on tagging, sharing and subscribing aspect too. Your video can rise in terms of rankings if you are going to include the right tags on it.

Add a few of the keywords on your tags and tell your audience what your video all about is! By adding tags, your video will be able to get discovered and visible right in YouTube’s sidebar “related videos” section.

In addition to, encourage every single person to share and subscribe to your channel. You can opt for the link building method if you want to improve and boost your Google rankings.

You can motivate your YouTube video viewers to keep on sharing your videos with their other friends and fellows.

If the person has subscribed to your Youtube channel, it means you have managed to produce and come up with some quality content.

On the other, if someone “likes” your videos, then this is another important metric to measure the quality aspect of your video.

Building Keyword-Rich Playlists and Promoting Your Youtube Videos

Building Keyword-rich Playlists

Lastly, the working and search mechanism of Youtube depends on the creation and making of keyword-rich playlists too. What you can do is to group and gather your videos into playlists.

Thus, it is by building and making a keyword-rich playlist, you will be able to give YouTube a deeper kind of understanding about your uploaded and posted videos.

Do the utmost promotion of your Youtube video. You can do that by doing link building. Connect and share your video with the right kind of audience.

And feel free to ask them to share your video and posted content. Hence, this is how promoting the video can bring a higher retention rate and a higher subscription rate.

Conclusion – Wrapping It Up!

Thus, what’s the bottom line?  Before you plan to make your own Youtube channel, make sure to keep in mind all these metrics and important approaches. With the follow-up of this guide, you can easily conquer the platform of Youtube social media world.

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