Some of the Instagram accounts fail to get enough number of Likes on their posts. Why does it happen? Most probably, you might not be following the rules and strategies correctly.

To begin with, here you can catch up with the guide which is about as to how to get more likes on Instagram! We have shared 17 easy and simple strategies with you,

Most certainly, with the follow up of these strategies, you will see promising improvement and boost in your Instagram Likes section.

Thus, let us all unlock those rules and keys which can instantly grow and amplify your Instagram engagement rate.

What are Instagram likes?

Instagram likes

It is on the uploaded posts, videos, images, Instagram stories that people give their thumbs up and likes. Upon getting a maximum number of Likes, it means how much people admire and praise you.

Furthermore, the increased number of Likes tells how much your followers and friends love and adore you. Even more, the number of likes are marked and counted as a metric of success.

It means, more the likes, more you are loved by your followers. And your post is also impressive and engaging. And lesser the number of likes, it means your post is not that much engaging and impressive.

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1- Have a Thoughtful Instagram Strategy

Instagram Strategy

The very first tip which you should keep in mind if interested in increasing your Instagram Likes, it is to have a thoughtful and well-designed strategy.

Find out your competitors and then decide how you are going to model and display your Instagram account posts. Most importantly, you can make use of analytics in order to find out what your followers want from you.

As an example, we have Instafollow analytics tool. This is a mobile app which is available to both of the iOS and Android users. This tool gives you strong and well-structured insight all about your follower base.

Most noteworthy, come up with solid strategies as to how to track your new followers. Upload and share that data on your Instagram account which receives the highest amount of engagement rate.

2- Take High-Quality Photos

High-Quality Photos

Upon taking high-quality photos, this tip may also give you lots of Likes. Make sure to always upload and share highquality images on your account. And those pictures need to have good lighting as well.

Like, if you want to take a photo of a plated meal, then take the picture from above and keep your phone 3 feet from your meal. Most probably, to improve the quality of your Instagram photos, it is best to take them in natural light.

Avoid taking pictures in dim lighting and try to add as much natural light into your pictures as you can. You can use the iPhone flashlight if you want to light the meal dish.

And then take a picture. Most certainly, it is observed that pictures with blue tones, they get 24 more likes as compared to other pictures.

3- Use A Consistent Filter Scheme

filter scheme

Moving to another best tip which is about how to get more likes on Instagram! Make sure that you use a consistent filter scheme while posting any content on your Instagram account.

If you remain to show 100% consistency with respect to your filtering scheme, then your Instagram posts will likely to receive giant number of Likes.

This is an easy and simple way to build your Instagram brand. Thus, it is recommended to use the same and exact set of filters for your pictures.

This is how your audience is going to remember your brand. Besides, using the same filter scheme gives a consistent visual identity and a solid base to your Instagram account.

Moreover, your account becomes immediately recognizable.

4- Use Hashtags Wisely

Hashtags Wisely

The other way to get lots of free Likes on your Instagram account, you can do that by using hashtags wisely. Always use popular Instagram hashtags and avoid using the suspended and aborted one.

Upon using any sort of hashtag, the Instagram team will give you lots of suggestions regarding how many numbers of times that hashtag is used!

In other words, popular hashtags draw more likes as compared to unpopular hashtags. Thus, if you want your Instagram post to get noticed, then always use popular tags.

Now you know how to get likes on Instagram! Some of the popular hashtags are #wednesday, #wednesdays, #humpday, #wellnesswednesday.

5- Use Phototags


Moving to the phototags section! It is best to tag your photos so that more and more people can view it. And this way more Likes will be extracted from them.

Like, if you have a business Instagram account, then tag your loyal customers on your product pictures. This way you get a chance to interact and chit chat with your customers too.

In addition to, photo tagging offers you a casual way to talk with your users and customers. Tagged photos make your followers more engaged with your account. Hence, more phototags drive more interactions as well as more Likes.

6- Use Location Tags

 Location Tags

How about using location tags? You might be wondering how the usage of location tags gives you more Instagram likes? We will tell you.

Most noteworthy, upon tagging a location in your uploaded pictures increases your post engagement rate. Your audience and followers become more curious and engaging enough with your Instagram account.

Moreover, tagging general locations increase the chance that more and more people is going to view and Like your posts. So, instead of getting specific while tagging a location, you can be generalized as well.

7- Write Engaging Captions

Engaging Captions

In addition, if you always get confused as to how to get more likes on ig, then you are free to follow this tip as well. Always write and pen down engaging captions.

Boring captions are never read out by the followers. Try to think interesting, creative and perfect captions for your posts. Most probably, it is on your Instagram stories that you pen down these captions.

So, bring these captions in a more polished way and style. If your caption contains a less perfect content, then it will likely to get less number of Likes. Highlight your caption with interesting and entertaining content and drive more Likes on it.

8- Post ConsistentlyConsistently

Posting consistently on peak time hours eventually helps Instagram users to get more and more likes on their posts and stories. Most importantly, it is recommended to post before and after work hours. This is the best time to get enough number of Likes.

Moreover, business accounts should post the content on their accounts before work and over lunch, and also when their customers are relaxing at home.

In addition, if your account is related to a healthcare field, then post your content during the off-peak hours in mid-morning and also during the early afternoon.

Follow these timings every single day when posting and uploading an image or video. Lastly, those users whose Instagram accounts are linked to education, then can post and upload their content late at night.

Thus, it is during these peak hour times that your posts and videos are more viewed and more Liked by other Instagram users.

9- Comment and ‘Like’ Posts of OthersComment and ‘like’ posts

The number of your Instagram Likes can only get increased if you believe in the give and take relationship. It means, if your posts are Liked by your followers and other users, then it is also important for you to like and comment other users posts.

Most probably, engaging your account with some new accounts may open more success and growth doors for it. This is another tricky way with respect to getting more likes on Instagram.

So, always keep on liking and commenting about other users’ posts. If you think that content is related to your account, then feel free to praise and admire it.

Furthermore, you can look and search for popular posts and pen down your comment on them. Thus, this active engagement will make your Instagram posts more highlighted and prominent. And the chance of getting more likes will get more.

10- Instagram Engagement Groups

 Instagram engagement grous

It is best to join any of the Instagram engagement groups if you want to amplify your Likes frequency. These groups are also named as Instagram Engagement Pods.

They have become the latest trend these days so that engagement-hungry Instagram audience can be helped out. These groups give your account additional exposure and you start to get more likes and more views.

Besides, with the help of these engagement groups, you can boost your engagement volume and enhance your content’s “score” as well.

 What is Instagram Engagement Group?

Talking about the basic and simple definition of the Instagram engagement group, it is basically groups of Instagram users which remain dedicated to increasing the number of impressions, likes, views and the engagement rate of accounts.

As soon as you join this group, you start to get engaged and interact with the rest of the fellow podmembers.

Thus, the overall objective of these engagement groups is to increase and boost the number of likes and comments. Moreover, they increase the organic reach of your account and help you make new connections.

11- Host A Contest Or GiveawayHost A Contest Or Giveaway

By hosting a contest and hosting a giveaway session for your followers, this is another trick get more likes on Instagram for free. You can start a like-to-enter giveaway contest on your Instagram account.

This scheme catches and grabs the audience attention on extensive notes. No doubt, every single person loves free stuff. By hosting such like-to-enter giveaway sessions, you will be able to multiple your Likes number.

Moreover, to get a free giveaway, a large number of people will start to like your posts and pictures on Instagram. Hence, this is an amazing way if you want to generate and multiple lots of likes from your followers.

So, do apply this tactic from now onwards and let us know what results in you get! Here you can also further and extensively know about the Instagram Limits.

12- Partner with An Influencer

Partner with an influencer

Look for an influencer and make a partnership with him. This way, both of you gets the best results and promising growth on your Instagram accounts.

Most importantly, it is within your industry and related field that you have to look for an influencer. Ask them to share your content, posts, and pictures on their Instagram account.

Even more, this strategy counts as one of the easy strategies to extend the reach of your business Instagram account.

In addition, for the sake of increasing your Instagram credibility and to multiply the number of Likes, make sure to get in touch with more and more Influencersfollowers.

13- Promote Your Posts

instagram Promote

Upon promoting and advertising your posts on other social media platforms, this is how you can also increase and extend your Instagram Likes.

Among the popular social media platforms, you can post your Instagram content on Twitter and Facebook. By doing so, your account traffic will start to get increased day by day.

And more likes and views will come on your account. Most noteworthy, you can even share your Instagram content on your blog. Thus, this is how you can increase and multiply your reach organically.

You need to take advantage of these social media platform and connect your Instagram content with them. Increasing the reach of your content naturally gets more and more Likes for you,

14- Post Quotes

Post Quotes

Have you ever thought of posting quotes and interesting sayings on your Instagram account? You should start doing this practice right now. Posting quotes and sayings give you lots of Likes on your single Instagram post.

Besides, just keep on thinking about the creative content creating ideas. Create catchy posts, write thoughtful content on them and get more Likes on it.

Furthermore, quote and sayings always look attentiongrabbing on Instagram. They are also easy to read. An audience can easily get relate to quotes. Thus, to keep your followers engaged and to keep on convincing them liking your posts, do follow this tip.

15- Follow More People

Follow more people

The next easy and simple strategy and one of the recommended Instagram tricks to get likes, it is about following more and more people. You just have to make connections with lots of people.

Explore your target audience and related people, connect and follow them. This way, they will read your Instagram posts and stories and shall give them thumbs up too.

Make sure to interact with as many Instagram users as you can! Following them, it means they will also follow you back.

Hence, just focus on multiplying your engagement rate and this strategy automatically increase your Likes number. Besides, following more people means that your Instagram account is 100% credible.

16- Add New Post Stories

instagram New Post Stories

If your sole and only purpose is to increase the number of Likes on your Instagram, then the simple and straightway to do is to add and post new stories every single day.

Just keep your profile as much interesting and full of fun as you can! Try to post and upload a new Instagram story every day. Make it more interactive.

More your profile and posts look interesting, more likes will come on your posts. And you can even stuff those stories with popular hashtags, location tags, photo tags.

Fill up and cover your stories with interesting captions. Hence, this is a simple way to reach and interact with the potential audience. And to make your Instagram account 100% credible and interesting to be followed.

17- Instagram Live (Keeps Your Audience Engaged)

Instagram Live

Lastly, Instagram Live session has the potential to bring more and more likes for you. By keeping your audience engaged, you automatically and naturally push them to like your posts and uploaded content.

Most probably, this is a common strategy which is followed by almost all Instagram users. It is just like Facebook that Instagram has also launched and started its Live platform.

This platform lets you interact with your followers. In this Instagram Live session, you can host a Q&A phase for your followers. Thus, this casual conversation which happens between you and your followers automatically creates a strong connection.

And hopefully, with every passed out live session, you start to notice heavy increase in your Instagram Likes.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How to View Your Likes on Instagram?

How to View Your Likes on Instagram?

To view your Likes on Instagram, there are a series of steps which you have to follow and carry out. So, to have a look at your Liked Instagram posts, sign in and log into your Instagram account.

Navigate and reach to your profile. Then you have to tap on the user icon button. This icon is located right to the far right side of the bottom menu.

Furthermore, click on the gear icon which is present in the top right corner of your Instagram profile. Access and reach to your settings. Tap on the Posts by scrolling down below.

There comes an option which states the Posts You’ve Liked. This option comes under the Account section. This is how you can view and see all of your recent Instagram likes.

It is in a thumbnail layout or in the grid layout or also in a full/feed layout that you can see this list.

What to Post on Instagram to Get Likes?

What to Post on Instagram to Get Likes?

You need to share that content and pictures which works for your audience. Always post that content on your Instagram account which creates and arouse interest in your followers.

You can even use a call to action hashtags and interesting captions.  Moreover, schedule and post your content during peak hour times.

Upon posting and uploading your Instagram picture or video at the best times, this way you may get a maximum number of chances to get thousands number of likes.

Look for the topics which are trending on the platform of Instagram, this way you can easily know what works for you and what not! Lastly, by liking other posts and resharing your own posts on other social media platforms, these are other ways to get more likes.

Who has the Most Likes on Instagram?

Who has the Most Likes on Instagram?

Chris Godfrey the man behind the famous world record egg has gained over more then 53 Million Likes. Then we have an Instagram account of Kylie Jenner, she has managed to get 12.7 million Likes. Her Instagram account is @kyliejenner.

Then we have another Instagram user Beyoncé. This celebrity has got 6.3 million likes. Thus, these are a few of the celebrities who have got lots of and million numbers of Likes on their Instagram posts.

How to Buy Instagram Likes?

How to Buy Instagram Likes?

To buy Instagram Likes, you can buy likes from here ““. These days, lots of sources are available which claim to offer Free Instagram likes, Twitter followers and Facebook likes.

But Social Boosts is one of the reliable and trustworthy platforms which you can pursue! Hit on the link and see in what manners they can serve you.

How to Delete Likes on Instagram?

How to Delete Likes on Instagram?

To delete Likes on your Instagram account, you can follow this simple guide. Open up your Instagram App. After that, you have to select and click on the “Hamburger” Icon.

Tap on the Settings icon and reach to your Account tab. The last step is to start selecting the posts which you want to dislike. Thus, this is how you can delete all the likes from your Instagram account.

Conclusion Wrapping It Up!

This is how to get more likes on Instagram! Do follow all of these top ideas, strategies as well as tips which are recommended from our side. And give a maximum boost to your Instagram Likes section.

These ideas and simple ways increase your Instagram post engagement rate. Moreover, they build a real and strong connection with your followers.

Let us know if you have more questions on this topic, we are always happy to answer your queries. And to get Free Instagram Followers, click here.

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