Here we have shared and put up the best tactics as to how to get more local followers on Instagram. We have shared a short guide with you. If you want to grow a bigger and also more relevant audience right on your Instagram account, then follow these tips.

Want to know the best part of these tips, they are going to supercharge your Instagram follower growth in less time. And to get Free Instagram Likes, feel free to contact us at any time.

Post Consistently On Your Instagram Account

Most probably, you can grow the number of your Instagram local followers by posting consistently. Regular posting frequency positively and strongly affects your follower growth and also engagement rate.

Furthermore, the more often and frequently you post, the more likes and more followers you are going to get. This is the simple and straight rule which you should keep in mind.

This is a proven study that Instagram profiles which post seven or more times on a per week basis, they eventually get more likes. And naturally, gain more organic followers.

So, what’s the bottom line? If you want to double your Instagram follower growth rate, then make sure to post consistently on your profile.

Post Live Videos

Live Videos

Most noteworthy, the other simple way to get more organic local followers, it is done by posting live videos and live stories. We all know that the platform of Instagram, it was initially started and launched as a photo-sharing network.

However, now it has gone far beyond photos and pictures. More followers will come on your account if you frequently post live videos over there. In addition, live videos engage your fans thoroughly.

Besides, the average engagement for live videos, it is higher and faster as compared to the average engagement given out by posting photos and pictures. Also, over and about 400 million people, they make use of Instagram Stories every single day.

Embrace User-Generated Content

Sharing user-generated content eventually and naturally add up a large percentage in terms of your Instagram followers number. If you do not have any idea about user-generated content, then we can explain to you.

What you can do is to share the stories of your users which they have written about your product or service. Most probably, user-generated content increases and amplifies the likelihood to get a massive number of Instagram followers.

Go For Collaborations, Partnerships or Sponsorship

In addition, there is another best and easy way to extend your Instagram followers to reach. You can do that by going for collaborations, partnerships as well as sponsorship.

Furthermore, collaboration means, you take over and share each other’s Instagram Stories. If you have a cosmetic related Instagram profile, then you can do a partnership with any makeup brand.

This way, both of you and your followers will come on a single platform. And the chance of getting more followers will be increased.

Moreover, it is through a partnership that both of the Instagram profiles gives value to their respective audience market. And naturally, reach a new audience segment.

Always Post High-Quality Content


Getting more local followers and posting highquality content, both of the factors go hand in hand. To grow and boost your Instagram following, you need to share and always post high-quality content.

Create content which is thoroughly engaging for your followers and fans. No doubt, engagement is one of the important and major considerations which all Instagram account users should keep in mind.

Engaging content makes your profile organically popular. The more engaging and creative a post is, it means the more people are going to see and like it.

Hence, make an effort to reach more and more people, this is how you can possibly gain and get more followers.

Engage Your Followers


The number of followers can be increased and multiplied on Instagram if you follow the golden rule and norm to engage your followers. It means to interact with them. You can like or reply to their comments.

Look for the efforts to continue the conversation. Make sure that you remain humble and down to earth while replying back to your followers.

Showing an aggressive attitude towards your followers will only decrease your follower’s number. Thus, remain sweet, humble and completely engaging while interacting with them.

Get Benefit from Analytics Tools

Analytics Tools

However, if you want to know whether your followers are liking your content or not, then you can use analytics tools. Besides, it is with the help of Instagram Insights that you can know which of your posts your followers love and like the most.

There is an Instagram Insights icon which you can avail and utilize. It is on the basis of impressions that top posts are marked and sorted out. Thus, using such tools, you can easily understand the current and on-going trends.

Most importantly, these tools tell you what kind of images get more likes and impressions. You can easily know what sort of images always bring a high engagement rate.

Simply select the post and click on “View Insights”. Also, to read the guide on How To Post a Youtube Video On Instagram, from here you can do that.

Other Golden Tips to Get More Local Followers On Instagram

Do you know that most commented-on Instagram posts, they are mostly and commonly contest posts, it is true? So, to increase your followers in an organic way, you can run contests for them.

This is how you can constantly get and gain new followers. As an example, you can run a contest by asking and inviting your followers to comment and come up with their favorite emojis.

Running contests make your Instagram profile more recognizable and popular. Moreover, this is a simple way to reach to those people who have not heard about your brand before.

Have you ever heard about this cross-posting norm? Here we are going to tell you. Cross-posting let you share your Instagram posts on other social media sites as well. In addition to.

Instagram has always made it easy for its users to share their posts on Facebook, Twitter, and also Tumblr. This is a great tactic if you want your Instagram profile to get extra and additional exposure.

Besides, it is also proved that content and posts which are shared on Facebook through Instagram, they generally get more engagement rate.

Tactics to Increase the Number of Your Local Followers On Instagram

Below we have mentioned more of the tactics which are completely related to the target to getting more and more followers:

Use Popular and Trending Hashtags

Trending Hashtags

You should always quality hashtags. Upon becoming part of this social media platform, it is essential for you to use quality, popular and trending hashtags.

Most importantly, if you will use the right hashtags as well as correct location tags, then you can target the right amount of audience for your Instagram profile.

Most noteworthy, Instagram posts which are encompassed by the presence of location tags and hashtags, they get more popularity, likes and engagement, Also, more people start to follow you when they see the presence of trending hashtags on your profile.

Hence, the ultimate and excessive usage of hashtags and a location tag, they receive the highest engagement rate and gives you a fast following growth on Instagram too.

Use the Optimal Number of Hashtags Per Post

Keep in mind that Instagram only allows and permit a maximum range of 30 hashtags per post. However, to see the maximum engagement and increased following, nine hashtags on a per post basis is an optimal number.

There are lots of free Instagram tools which tells you which hashtags are trending these days! With the help of these tools, you can have an understanding of the usage of relevant hashtags for all sorts of Instagram posts.

Post Content at the Best Time When Your Followers are Active

Followers are Active

Another tip and the golden rule to get a million number of local Instagram Followers, it is possible by posting and uploading the content at the best times.

It is also true that there is no universal best time when it comes to posting on Instagram. Always post on Instagram when your followers and fans are most active.

Through the usage and utilization of Instagram insight tools, you can know on which day of the week and also during which hours your followers remain active.

Besides, it is often seen that a large number of followers remain active on Thursdays and the timings fall in between 9 am to 3 pm.

Conclusion – Wrapping It Up!

Now you know how to get more local followers on Instagram. Follow the above-mentioned golden tips and see the miracle with respect to getting more and more local followers.

Moreover, if you have got a huge following on Instagram, then you can share with us what strategies you follow. Sooner, more guides are coming up which are going to make it super convenient for you to increase and boost your follower’s number.

So, stay in touch with us and follow every single tip which is mentioned from our expert’s sides.

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